About FreeFlow and How it Will Release Your Creativity and Open The Door To Prosperity

You can now learn what I have discovered over 26 years coaching others to build successful careers

FreeFlow is a results directed method of thinking, feeling and acting for people who want to surpass the ordinary.

FreeFlow releases your thoughts and feelings from all restrictions so that you are at your natural best.

FreeFlow is not intended as a replacement for logical thinking or organisation or existing systems. Rather it is designed to be an addition. A method of being creative and free from fetters.

I am writing this article in the FreeFlow state. As I write I feel completely relaxed focussed solely on writing about FreeFlow. My aim is to explain to you what the FreeFlow state is, how you can enter the state and the benefits you will gain by being in the state.

What is the FreeFlow State?

FreeFlow is a calm, relaxed state of mind and emotion.

In the FreeFlow state, you are released from all the restrictions and rules that normally inhibit you. It is a state of being solely with yourself unencumbered by thoughts of right or wrong. You have no need to prove yourself. 

You are just being totally yourself.

What Makes The FreeFlow State Valuable

FreeFlow is a state of being open and creative for the achievement of excellent results.

When you enter FreeFlow you are travelling along a positive path that flows to a desired destination. You feel relaxed, calm, self-certain and totally sure that you will reach your destination. There is no room for doubt or uncertainty. 

You are travelling a natural path to your destiny.

How FreeFlow Releases Your Creativity

Creativity suffers from restrictions more than any other human activity.

With FreeFlow you set your mind and your intuition free. You have no interest in rules, regulations or what other people think. You are concerned only with what is happening in your own mind and your own emotions. You are in a state that releases you from the bounds of learned behaviours. You are in the state in which you were born.

You are free to think and feel as you wish.

How to Get Into The FreeFlow State

There is no single route into the FreeFlow state of being.

You open the door simply by letting go of all your pre-conceptions of the right and wrong ways of doing anything. Your aim is to be totally calm. You relax every fibre of your being. You express yourself solely by what you are thinking, feeling and doing. If you’re writing you just allow the words to flow out through the tips of your fingers.

Do not try to think, just allow thoughts to appear and capture them by doing what your thoughts suggest.

What You Should Do in the FreeFlow State

Use the FreeFlow state to do whatever matters to you.

If it’s important that you achieve a certain goal, like writing a one thousand word article you should set that as the outcome you want. Do not strive to write the words. Choose your subject. Then enter your calm, relaxed state and start to write. If the words do not come immediately just remain positive with your fingers poised above the keyboard and wait until they start to move.

There is no need for force or urgency, the words will come.

As Michelangelo said: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

How FreeFlow Will Enhance Your Performance

You’re at your best when you are being totally yourself.

There is a uniqueness within all human beings. FreeFlow will allow you to release and express that uniqueness. Then your greatest strengths will come to the fore quite naturally. It is this naturalness that is the very essence of who you are. When that uniqueness comes out into the world you are adding a bit our yourself to the totality of human knowledge and ability.

You do not have to try to improve - you just have to allow yourself to improve naturally.

The Best Environment for FreeFlow

As you need to be in a calm and relaxed state in order to FreeFlow it helps if you are in a quiet place.

However, once you are practised in the art of entering the FreeFlow state you will be able to enter this state at any time in any surroundings. I have seen monks meditating on busy railway stations in India and Thailand. They have been oblivious of their surroundings, completely focussed on what they were doing. It is the same with the FreeFlow state. You can enter the state in a room full of arguing people.

You can FreeFlow anywhere at any time.

Can FreeFlow Help in Other Areas of My Life?

Being in the FreeFlow state will help you whatever you are doing.

Many top sportspeople use the FreeFlow state to help them remain relaxed and positive when they are competing. Politicians in the firing line use FreeFlow to remain calm and answer difficult questions with a modicum of rationality. Top business people use FreeFlow to make major strategic decisions.

You are always at your best when you are so calm and relaxed that you behave in the way that is most natural for you.

Why Don’t More People Use FreeFlow?

As we grow up we are taught that it is good to make an effort, to try our hardest.

We tend to equate trying our hardest with tensing ourselves up for maximum effort. So when we demand the best of ourselves our first action is to tense up. But, tense muscles strain against each other. It is relaxed muscles that coordinate with each other to produce a synergistic response. Your brain is a muscle that needs to be calm to be at its best. Your emotions perform at their best when you are relaxed.

FreeFlow is not considered a natural state by society, but it is your optimum state.

How Can I Use FreeFlow To Achieve What I Want?

First, you must be clear about what you want.

Write a description of what you want. What does it look like, sound like, feel like?

Then get yourself into a calm, relaxed state. Believe that you will achieve the outcome you want.

Make sure that every thought, feeling and action that you take is positive.

Then trust that you will achieve what you want.

Go about your business calmly, in a state of positive certainty and pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that the FreeFlow state suggests to you.

Become a FreeFlow Expert

Each week I publish a short article here to help you become a FreeFlow expert. Simply by following the articles you will become a FreeFlow expert. Your creative thinking capabilities will grow week by week.

You will become the “go-to person” when ideas and fresh thinking are required.