A Simple Way to Start a New Career

How one woman changed direction in mid life

When Rosalind decided to walk away from the Advertising industry the first thing she recognised was that she needed to get her head straight.

When she examined what had driven her to leave she could see that there were a load of negative feelings motivating her.

“OK,” she told herself. “So, how do I turn things around and start to get positive about the rest of my life?”

Her difficulty was that she didn’t know much about anything other than advertising. So she decided to ask friends about what they did to see if anyone did anything that appealed to her that she might be able to do.

These conversations soon developed. Rosalind would ask her friends about how they saw her and what they thought she was naturally good at.

One of her friends made a casual remark: “You always dress nicely and I’ve noticed that you get a lot of admiring glances, like when you walked in here just now.”

Rosalind thought a lot about what her friends had told her. She did really like clothes, and she was really interested in fashion.

This was the seed thought that started Rosalind on the road to building an online boutique. She started as an online affiliate online marketeer for famous brands.

As she learned more and more about how to appeal to online fashion clothes buyers so she refined her website until it became a force in her industry.

The lesson is simple. Pick something you enjoy doing, find a way to get started and then learn on the job.