FreeFlow Expert Coaching

Session One - Getting Into The FreeFlow State

FreeFlow is a very simple state of mind and being.

When you are in FreeFlow you feel relaxed and calm.

Relaxed and calm is the state in which your mind and body best connect. It is the state in which you are free to “think without thinking”.

The trigger word for getting yourself into this relaxed and calm state is “FreeFlow”.

Whenever you want something extra from yourself just say the word “FreeFlow” and let go of conscious thinking.

Or when you need to take time out from a stressful situation just say the word “FreeFlow”. Then let go of the stress and just be.

When you say the word “FreeFlow” just allow yourself to drift into a calm and relaxed state.

Knowledge and Practice make the difference

You have probably been taught that when we want to become experts we need to study, study, study.

But, knowledge does not change anything until you implement what you know.

You need to practice, practice, practice in order to become an expert.

Your FreeFlow Expert coaching involves giving you small bites of knowledge and then giving you time to practice.

It is not the knowledge so much as the practice that will make a difference to your performance.

People often fail to practice because they say it is “boring”. That is their loss.

Winners practice. Olympic gold medal winners practice their sport every day. They call it training.

To become a FreeFlow expert and rise above the ordinary please start to practice this simple exercise today.

For this week, just practice saying “FreeFlow” when you want something extra from yourself.