Good and Bad Emotions Battle For Supremacy on the Chequerboard in My Mind -

Here’s How The Goodies Win

The bad guys are always trying to fight their way to the top of my attention.

They use any excuse to rush into prominence and dictate my behaviour. These bad guys sit on the black squares on the chequerboard in my mind. 

They are anger, hate, jealousy, envy, blame, self-pity, victimhood and negativity.

Let them take charge and your life is going in a bad direction.

Get Your Good Guys Ready for Battle

It may be just me but the good guys don’t seem to be so naturally prominent in my mind.

The good guys behave in more modest ways. They kind of hang back and wait to be asked. These good guys sit on the white squares on the emotional chequerboard in my mind. The good guys are love, happiness, generosity, helpfulness, kindness, supportiveness, gladness, enthusiasm and positivity.

You need to be ready to help these good guys to win whenever you are challenged.

How Your Emotions Come Into Play

You are a kind of sensing machine.

You move around in the world with your senses constantly on the alert. Some people call this “awareness”. You are constantly using your sight, hearing, smell, taste and feelings to make you aware of what is happening in your vicinity. 

When your senses pick on something you ask yourself, “What is this? Have I seen this before? And, if so, what should I do about it.” It is in that moment of deciding whether you need to act that your emotions start to come into play. The feelings are designed to power your actions.

How The Bad Guys Gain The Upper Hand

You are a sensitive being. You want to do well. You want to be well thought of.

So, if you hear something that you regard as defamatory, or you feel you are not doing well enough, or you see that you are lagging behind it stirs up the bad guys. They decide to become aggressive in order to assert themselves. They prepare you to say and do what you need to do to assert that you are important.

But they are leading you in a false direction. Expressing these negative emotions is not going to enhance your reputation or keep you from harm.

The Good Guys Build Your Reputation and Enhance Your Life

The role of the good guys is to make you feel good about yourself so that you do good in the world.

The good guys want you to be seen and heard as the hero of your life. They want to make you the go-to person whom others consult when they are in need of direction or wisdom. But as I said, these good guys are often modest. They tend to hold back and wait to be asked.

One of the greatest challenges in our lives is to bring our good guys into play. You have to give them a chance to dominate the chequerboard.

To do Battle or Not to do Battle?

There is something seductive about the bad guys.

It is easy to justify your anger, your spite or your envy. You will always be able to find a good reason why you feel any negative emotion. So, if your negative emotion is entirely justifiable, should you suppress it or rein it in?

Will it enhance your reputation to express these emotions? Will it make you a better person to act out the consequences of such feelings.

At the end of the day do you want to be seen as angry, envious, hate-filled? Or do you want to be seen as kind, loving, generous, helpful and enthusiastic?

The First Way The Good Guys Win

You can start your day by deciding that the good guys are going to drive your actions.

By making a conscious effort to keep your positive emotions in the forefront of your being they will drive your behaviour. Think loving, think helpful, think happy and your life will move strongly in that direction. Your reputation as a helpful, happy loving human being will grow and you will attract the help that will enhance and expand your life.

It takes conscious effort to bring your positive emotions to the forefront. The effort may initially feel unnatural. But the dividends you will reap from such positive feelings will enrich your life immensely.

The Second Way The Good Guys Win

There will always be occasions when the bad guys spring into being and claim the right to force you to act angry, or jealous, or spiteful.

When you feel these bad buys moving off their black squares and seeking to dominate your positive white squares you need to charge into battle. “Which bad guy is trying to assert itself, trying to influence me? Oh, I see, it is anger.”

Now, this is the crucial decision, ask yourself, “What is the opposite of that negative emotion? Anger, what is the opposite of anger? It is calm. OK then, calm is how I want to feel.” Take a deep breath and as your lungs expand so you expand the size of the white, calm square on the chequerboard.

Grow the size of that white, calm square until it dominates the entire board. And as the size of the square expands allow the calm feeling to expand in your chest until your entire being feels calm.

You Win Big

When the white squares on the chequerboard of your emotions win big you win big.

When positive emotions dominate your actions you will feel good about yourself and your life. Your reputation will grow inexorably. Opportunities will seek you out. Your network of friends will grow naturally. You will be supported in your endeavours. Your chances of living a meaningful, fulfilling and prosperous life will increase a hundredfold.

Get to work to make the positive, white squares on the emotional chequerboard in your mind dominate your being.