The Missing Step on the Ladder to Fame and Fortune

The missing step that stops career advancement dead is Connectedness but, what does it really mean to be connected, and, how do you connect?

You can see by their elevated status that some people master this essential step on the career success ladder and others don’t.

Some people become famous. They have loads of friends. Doors open for them effortlessly. They’re frequently in the public eye. 

So, what is the difference that makes the difference? What does it really mean to be connected? Do you have to connect in a special way? Which connections make a significant difference? And, how do you connect in a meaningful way with those who matter?

In this short article, I will walk you quickly up the Career Success Ladder and then show you how to use The Effective Communication Cycle to connect your expertise with the people who matter.

The danger of not being connected

The price for not being connected is frustration, disappointment and underachievement.

Millions of very capable people never get the just rewards for their talents, knowledge and hard work. Why is that? The reason is that they’re not connected in the right way to the people who matter.

You will never get anywhere if no-one knows who you are and what you stand for.

Connectedness is about standing in the spotlight

The key to getting connected is to make yourself visible.

You may be shy or introverted but these traits do not need to prevent you from shining. The trick is to shine in ways that you are comfortable with. For instance, if comedy is your career path, an extrovert might become a comedian. But an introvert may become a joke writer or a programme producer. 

There are ways for everyone to shine.

You must send a strong message so that others want to connect to you

On the Career Success Ladder, we show you how to become an Expert.

Being an Expert makes a real difference because it enhances your value and makes you attractive. The Influencers who will promote your career will seek you out if you have something that they want. They will be happy to recommend you to their networks, Similarly, customers will pay higher prices to gain access to your expertise. 

The people who suck the juice from the fruits of their labours connect by laying out their stall as Experts.

The difference that really makes the difference

The secret to making successful connections is to offer your influencers something they want. 

You may ask, “Why do I need to become an Expert?” In short: Experts are in demand, so people come to you. Experts get paid more. Experts are recognised as being valuable people.

Can anyone become an Expert? Yes, people become expert ditch diggers, expert copywriters, expert bricklayers, truck drivers, scientists, teachers, the list goes on and on. 

The Career Success Ladder shows you how to become an Expert

The Career Success Ladder is a 5-step process for making yourself into an in-demand Expert.

Your aim is to be recognised for the quality and reliability of your chosen expertise.

But, what makes a real difference is when you can offer what they want in a way that they cannot obtain anywhere else. This uniqueness multiplies your value tenfold. It also creates an urgency to get to you before anyone else.

To discover what makes you unique you need to work your way up the Career Success Ladder.

How to shine up your Expertise and give it a longer life

Now that you’ve made your Special Interest into an Expert you will benefit greatly from taking the next step.

Make your expertise into a brand. The reasons why highly successful companies like Proctor and Gamble, Kelloggs and Apple stay at the top of the tree is that they have stables of brands. Brands mean quality and reliability to customers. They give consumers a short cut. Consumers don’t have to think about the value of a famous brand product, they take it for granted.

When you make your Expertise into a Brand it becomes much easier for you to promote because you are not talking about yourself, you are talking about a brand. Then, once your brand is established you don’t need to spend as much effort on promoting your brand because it speaks for you.

How to make Connectedness work for you

The secret is to connect to the right people. 

This where you get added value from step-3 on the Career Success Ladder. When you practised using your Special Interest you gained important information about who valued your product or service. So you now know who values what you offer. These are the people with whom you need to connect. They will fall into two baskets, Influencers and Customers.

Influencers are the people who can oil the wheels of your career. They may be bosses, agents, publishers, publicists, journalists, consultants or mentors.

Customers are those who pay you for your expertise. They are people who will benefit directly from your expertise. When you know what makes you a unique expert the value of your offering increases in leaps and bounds.

The Effective Communication Cycle shows you how to connect with the people who matter

The communications that connect to the people who matter follow a very simple pattern.

Your Desired Result is to be seen as an Expert. Your Target Audience (TA) is the influencers who can provide you with work. Your message is that you are a unique Expert and that your expertise will benefit your TA in specific ways.

You Transmit your message through media that your TA reads, views or listens to. You gain Feedback from comments that people make about your message and your work. By analysing your Feedback you learn, change and constantly improve your message.

Everyone who achieves fame and fortune is constantly following a similar cycle.

How I used connectedness to build my business at You-Grow

I had already worked my way up the first three steps of the Career Success Ladder.

I had started to implement my coaching skills with a few clients. But I wanted to start earning ‘bill paying’ money as a coach. I decided to leverage my management and marketing experience alongside my coaching know-how to give myself credibility.

The advantage of using my existing experience was that I had contacts and credibility in the corporate world. But I still needed a sales pitch, something that made me unique as a coach.

It was using copyrighted models like the Career Success Ladder and the Communication Cycle that clearly demonstrated my coaching expertise. These models are easy to understand and practical, and above all, they work. They influenced the influencers, the senior managers who I wanted to connect with.

Now I am using the same models to connect with an online audience.